Saturday, October 6, 2007

Configuring Kopete for Google Talk

If you heard Pidgin has a support for Google Talk and are disappointed for not having it in your Kopete, don't worry you have a way out. You can configure your kopete to work for Google Talk just like you do for Yahoo, MSN, AIM or others. Here is a how to to make things happen for you:

Start Kopete.
Choose Settings->Configure...
Select Accounts from the left navigation bar.
Select New...
The screen should appear like this one.
Choose Jabber and click Next.

The next screen should be like the one shown below:

In the Jabber ID, enter your complete google account ID. For eg, I would enter for me. Choose Remeber Password as per your convenience. In case you choose it, provide Password in the TextField. Similarly, you can choose Exclude from connect all and Exclude from Global Identity as per your convenience.

Now, choose Connection tab. It should look like this one.

Check Use protocol encryption (SSL) and Override default server information. Type in the Server TextField. Keep Port to 5223. Click Next.

Choose color for your google talk ID. Click Finish button. You should find yourself online if you are connected to internet connection.


Anonymous said...

If you already set up your google account and then came looking for may have to restart kopete for the google settings to 'really' take effect.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of any instructions on how to set up gTalk for Google Apps in Kopete?

My domain uses Google Apps (including gMail) and I'd like to run jabber form the domain and integrate it with the contacts.

David said...

Thanks for these instructions. I've been having trouble installing libnss-devel for SSL support with Pidgin on openSuSE, so it was great to be able to use kopete with Google Talk.

@goldboy: have you tried just entering your username as ""? Otherwise check up the instructions on the Google Help Centre.

Jitendra Harlalka said...

Hi David,
I am glad that you found the post helpful.

Anonymous said...

not work connection for msn protokol

help for this ????

Jitendra Harlalka said...

MSN is by default supported in Kopete.. But I don't have a MSN account to verify if there is any problem.