Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is Google experimenting Video Ads in Youtube?

For sometime now, Google has been vigorously experimenting variety of ads on Youtube. Anyone who has used Youtube in past 3-4 months (I don't exactly remember when Google launced it and I am too lazy to search ;) ) must have at least noticed the text based ads that appear at the bottom of videos.

Today, while trying to follow the Google-China Saga, I clicked upon a video link to notice L'OREAL ad being bombarded at me.

For a moment, it seemed I clicked wrong link. And, in a while, the video I was looking for actually appeared. For a moment, I thought that it might have been uploaded that way by the video submitter. Hence, I refreshed the page to be greeted with PEPSI ad.

This seem to be a new advertising methodology Google is experimenting in its lab! I am not sure how people will react to it but for the time being, I am loving the idea.