Sunday, November 18, 2007

GMail: Bigger and better

Only days after welcome improvements in UI and functionalities with new additions, GMail has now increased the mailbox volume to around 5000 MB mark.
The change comes in less than a month after GMail raised its mail size from around 2800 MB to 4300 MB.

With this, GMail makes it clear that size is never going to be a barrier in using GMail. Before you reach anywhere near the limit, you will get your mailbox size enlarged.

The improvements in UI are really a welcome change. Though the changes seem small, but I feel most of them are really awesome. Though I have not much explored the changes because of lack of time, the ones I liked are:

  • The new color selection looks better than the previous one. Though the change in color appear only at few places.
  • The change in position of Loading status display was long awaited. The previous design used to hide the Sign Out link in case of Loading.
  • The contact info on mouse-hover is really a great feature.
With these additions, GMail has shown that nothing can beat Google when it comes to innovation and quality.