Monday, April 26, 2010

Google Bots are looking at you!!

We all know of the enormous amount of data Google stores about so many things. But today I ran across something that I hadn't imagined Google bots were stalking at.

A picture is worth thousand words.  Hence, lets see this screenshot of my Gmail account.

In the email thread ( I had proposed an IRC meeting on Tuesday at 8 PM. I was surprised to find "Add to Calendar" suggestion with those details (I have noticed this feature for the first time.) It is just so wonderful and genius of engineers at Google to suggest you to add the event to you calendar, isn't it? 

Even before, I add the event to calendar, Google still has an idea of the fact that I am having a meeting at the specified time and venue. 

Google bots might over period store so much of information about your meetings that it might be able to tell you when exactly you went on date with and when.

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