Thursday, November 20, 2008

GMail launches themes

Just today, when I was about the check my mails, I read the feed of GMail blog that talked about launch of Themes in GMail. I was so excited by the thought. I signed in to find no 'Themes' tab under Settings.

I went through the whole article to find that Google was updating each account and the process may take some time. And hence, it was a long long day for me. Then, finally, I got to see 'Themes' tab in the Settings which looked like this.

Themes tab with 'Mountains' Theme activated.

What more, some of the themes work with your local time. Like the 'Beach' theme would change the appearance of your GMail to simulate the look of a beach at your local place.

There is a theme for everyone. Even a theme called Terminal for console fans and geeks!!!

So, I am a much more happy GMail user now :)

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