Saturday, September 8, 2007

Linux knows your fortune

Yup, that's true. Linux knows your fortune. Do you want to know yours?
Go to console and type
$ fortune fortunes.

For me it was
You are taking yourself far too seriously.
Ha ha!! What fortune Linux predicted for you?

Type the same command again and again to see more predictions.

Basically, fortune maintains text files from which it selects a random epigram. In the above command fortune is the name of command and fortunes is the category. You can choose from a lot many categories. To see the categories available to you, type
$ fortune -f

And say you want something on love, type
$ fortune love

The output that appeared on my monitor was
People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense.
-- Ken Kesey

You can simply type fortune to see output from a random category.
The best output I found was
C:\> WIN
Bad command or filename

Loading Microsoft Windows ...

But if you are the one who easily gets offended, please please don't install the package fortunes-off. Don't install it rather than being offended. And go through the manual for more options.
$ man fortune

May Linux have good fortunes in store for you.

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