Saturday, August 25, 2007

Acid Test for Web browsers

Have u ever wondered if your web-browser follows the agreed standards. You can have acid test for your web-browser at the following link:
This page links to a test script for checking whether your web browser confronts to the setup standard. I tested it on Mozilla Firefox and Konqueror.
I was pretty sure that Firefox will pass the acid test but it badly disappointed me. It didn't properly support the transparency and other features. Well, the page specifically mentioned that Browser had to be in default setting. I guess mine is.
With very little expectations, I tested it on Konqueror. Guess what, it rendered it perfectly (at least what it seemed at first sight!). It was something unbelievable. Now I guess I have answers why Apple chose to base its Safari on Konqueror. But with some more efforts I could find some problem with Konqueror also. Certain portion of image moved when scrolled while other portion was static. That is it had problem with fixed-positioning. Moreover, re-sizing of the window distorted the image.
I read the Opera performance on the link provided above. What I figured out was that Opera also have same faults as Konqueror.

I wish I could test the other web-browsers but I had only these two installed.

Does your browser pass the acid-test? Do comment.


Rabindra said...

I thought mozilla would pass the test but now I think pass the test is an ideal case.
Well I tested IE6 and Mozilla firefox.
Mozilla was disappointing and IE was yet more.
The image was spread over the page in IE6.

sunil sahi said...

This is only result of web browser test .It would be better if you provide the idea behind this . The link you have given is not efficient way . In comming days i think you will improve it .I thik u have tested only mozilla and konqueror and what about opera and internet exploer

Jitendra Harlalka said...

Thanks sunil sahi for the suggestions and criticism. I will definitely go through your suggestions in my further writings. At the time of writing this article, I had tested it in Mozilla firefox and konqueror only. A bit description of that is already mentioned. But later I tested it in Internet Explorer 6 which failed miserably with spilling red colour everyone on the window. It was nowhere close to the reference face.